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College Concrete Competitions

College Concrete
FORTA® Corporation has been a long time supporter of college concrete competitions such as Concrete Canoe Competitions and Concrete Bowling Ball Competitions.  Our family of fibers have been donated for decades to support college construction and engineering programs that challenge teams to demonstrate the effect of fibers in reinforcing concrete.
The competitions provide students with the ability to apply practical principles they have learned in the classroom.  The students are able to display design, construction, technical, presentation and leadership skills which are imperative skills to enter the job market.  In addition, students learn team and project management skills that are also needed for their future careers.
FORTA® fibers have been used in concrete canoe and bowling ball competitions for many years.  In 1995 Louisiana Tech University  placed in the top 5 with their concrete concrete canoe, utilizing fibers from FORTA®.  Recently at the ACI 2014 Spring Convention in Reno, NV the New Jersey Institute of Technology used FORTA® products in their specimen  and placed 3rd in the presentation portion of the competition.
The FRC Bowling Ball Competition continues to grow and mature, to the degree that ACI has requested more frequent competitions.  The competition includes a variety of performance and strength requirements, including an actual bowling score as an exciting highlight of the competition.  The competition appears to be a program that is well-received by the students and universities, and creates much discussion and experience with a wide variety of fiber types being used.

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