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Concrete Parking / Concrete Pool - GaReat Sports Complex

Concrete ParkingConcrete Parking
Concrete ParkingConcrete Parking
FORTA-FERRO® macro synthetic fibers were used for concrete reinforcement at the largest training facility in the United States at the GaREAT Sports Complex in Geneva-On-The-Lake, Ohio.  The Spire™ Institute-Phase IV project utilized the FORTA-FERRO® in two exterior concrete parking areas, as well as in the 10 lane, 50 meter Olympic size swimming pool and an additional 25 meter pool.  Both pools combined for approximately 1000 yards of FORTA-FERRO® reinforced concrete at 4.0 Lbs per cubic yard.
FORTA-FERRO® was chosen as the reinforcement of choice because of its ability to help aid in minimizing cracking as well as its post-crack benefits.  The concrete supplier, general contractor and finisher, having a working comfort level with FORTA-FERRO® due to past projects, reported no issues when it came to mixing, placing and finishing the FORTA-FERRO® reinforced concrete.

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